Week 33

October 28, 2008

Several months ago, JJ and I decided to join his family on a trip to Cancun. Soon after purchasing the tickets we were surprised to find out we had a baby on the way. After counting the weeks we figured I would be about 32 to 33 weeks into my pregnancy. We assumed we would not be able to travel, seeing that most airlines and doctors will not allow pregnant women in their third trimester to do so. So naturally we informed JJ’s family we would not be able to join them and we started looking for someone to purchase the tickets.

As the tripped neared and the tickets still in our position we got curious. So about a month away from the trip we met with our doctor. We asked what he thought about us taking a four hour plane ride to Mexico, staying in Cancun for a week, and having a six hour plane ride back. He looked down at my hospital chart, looked back up at us and said with a big smile “Sounds like you’ll have a great time!”

I immediately got excited and began thinking of all the things I wanted to pack and imagined myself drinking a virgin daiquiri on the beach when… suddenly my train of thought was interrupted by the doctor saying “but….” (Argh! but what??? I screamed silently in my mind) He went on to explain all the caution and care we should take. For example; drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding the local water, being cautious of what I eat, making sure I walk around every hour or so on the plane for good blood circulation, etc…

So JJ and I went home after the appointment, discovered the airline would also let us travel and decided we wanted to go! But… (argh!) we had no passports to go. So we made an appointment to get our passports. but… (argh! enough already!) we ran into a problem with his birth certificate. We would have to call his mom to get it. Not wanting to get her excited about us maybe joining her in Cancun we called her and asked her to send it so JJ could cross the border to visit my family. (in other words we kinda lied!)

Now two weeks before the trip JJ received his birth certificate and we ordered our passports. We were informed that even with expediting the passports it would still take about two weeks. (Argh! We needed more time!)

After three long days at work JJ and I arrived home and behold our passports arrived! (argh!… I mean… yeepee!!!) Time to go shopping! I purchased some tops, a maternity swimsuit and traveling medical insurance. Got packed, got on the plane, and arrived to Cancun with no problems!

It was beautiful. Most days were spent relaxing next to the sparkling aqua blue beach, were the scent of the ocean was in the air, and though it would occasionally rain the water and weather were warm. When hungry we could choose from one of the many delicious buffets or restaurants which had a variety of foods, fresh juices and desserts. When I was not on the beach or eating I would lay in our room which overlooked the ocean. On the comfy over sized bed I would fall asleep to the sound of the waves and in the morning I would wake up to a breathtaking sunrise over the ocean. I was in Cancun heaven.

Though Cancun, Tulum, the hotel, the food, and all the great culture in Mexico was wonderful, one of the best memories JJ and I hold from the trip was being able to spend it with his family. The surprised looked on Jericho’s Grandma when she saw JJ and I arrived was priceless. We were delighted to be able to be there with her not only on vacation but for her birthday. It was a great family trip.

While in Cancun Jericho weighed about four pounds and could be up to 19 inches long. Space is getting tight for him and movement is limited to tapping and squirming. He has fully developed his digestive system and because he is getting chubby, he no longer has see-through skin. In preparation for that big day, he has developed a sleep cycles of 20 to 40 minutes long.

And may I add that Jericho was a very well behaved boy in Cancun and I did not get sick at all!  I would recommend a relaxing trip like this to any pregnant (or not pregnant) woman. Who knows when you’ll get a chance to relax like this again!


4 Responses to “Week 33”

  1. Kyla said

    Sounds like fun.

  2. Megan said

    Jenny! Your too cute! 🙂
    Anddd I loooved reading this!

  3. tia ueta said

    Yay! for Cancun!! But I am sooo jealous!
    Im glad you were able to go and made it back safely sister!
    I love you!!

  4. Nando said

    I like the “argh’s”! Hehe

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