Week 34

November 10, 2008

shower1After returning from Cancun, Jericho and I had one day to recuperate before getting ready for his baby shower.

The shower, hosted by my mom, took place in her backyard which was decorated beautifully with “Its a boy” decor. Placed in the yard was one small table and three long tables with baby blue table cloths and lil’candles. A table on the side had appetizers of mixed nuts, fresh fruit and a fountain filled with chamoy. (delicious!)

The guest started to arrive at 4pm. I spent most of the evening greeting people, relaxing, talking and catching up with old friends. As the afternoon darkened we began the games.

First game was “Guess What This Un-labled Baby Food Jar Is!” (I may have made up that name) I was happy not to be taking part in the games, seeing that I’m still not familiar with many of the baby food flavors out there. To me all the orange jars looked like carrots, green… maybe green beans, and the brownish jars… well… I don’t want to say.

Game 2 consisted of baby items placed in a paper bag in which you would feel around and guess what that item could be. Unfortunately, everyone was very good at this game. Imagine a bunch of women frantically waving there winning answers, getting up and wanting to claim their prize. (…it was a scary scene!) So as a tie breaker we had everyone guess how many starburst and m&ms in a jumbo baby bottle. Luckily this narrowed it down to two winners.

Game 3 involved me and my big lil’belly! Everyone took a piece of string and guessed the diameter of my belly. Most guesses were a lil’long (I guess I looked fat!), others a lil’short (I guess I didn’t look fat enough!) and just one that had it spot on! All the games were a lot of fun.

For dinner my mom made an amazing chicken salad which was placed in a bread nest, brought especially for the event from Mexico, and centered in a raspberry salad. There were two beautiful cakes; one non-edible diaper cake and another delicious strawberry cake from Village Bake House. It was amazing.

By the end of the night there was about 40 or more people there. Many of them were friends and family that will be in Jericho’s life and who have already been a big part in mine. All the gifts for Jericho were amazing. He is a blessed boy. Thank you everyone who was able to join us and those who helped out. It was a special event.

Most of all – thank you to my mom. I know that she always wants the best for JJ, Jericho and I, and we appreciate all she has done for us. She puts so much care and detail into everything and truly makes every event more enjoyable. The shower and her efforts means more to us then we can express. We hold some precious memories from it all.

At the shower Jericho was about 5 pounds and could be as tall as 20 inches. His fingernails are now visible.


3 Responses to “Week 34”

  1. tia ueta said

    I had fun!!! I can’t wait to play with Jericho! and his new toys! hehe
    Our Mom is the best! Jericho is going to love his Abby!
    I love you sister and I am going to miss seeing you with a belly!
    you are truly a beautiful pregnant lady! but I’m sure you’ll be an even more beautiful mother!
    i miss you! (and your belly)

  2. Loved your blogs…Sharie and I want the Chicken salad recipe…oh and the raspberry salad, oh the nests sound yummy 😉
    Can’t wait till Jericho arrives…I am having dreams about him already!! And I am pestering Mimi about the “news” hehehe…
    Miss you..Cancun was only a short 3 weeks ago…it was fun!!! Love always, Tia Sue and Mimi Sharona..

  3. Katie Rose said

    I can’t wait to see you again and to meet Jericho.

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