Week 36

November 16, 2008


This week the big focus was the elections, though I don’t want to dwell on it too much, it’s hard not to explore the significances of it for Jericho and the generations to come.

The suspense of our country’s future grew as we awaited to see history in the first woman vice-president or the first African-American president. I know this election was more than that to many, but for this brief blog, one should look past the politics. Look now at this milestone in history and its impact on our children and future generations.

This election inspired a new generation to take action. Our efforts created a place where it is no longer hard to image a woman, African-American, or… Czech-xican (my Mexican-Czech son) as a respected leader. We have opened doors for our generation, and our children’s generation. Lets find comfort in knowing that our children will have equal opportunities to follow their dreams. I know it puts a smile on my face to know that Jericho will have the same chance to shine as any other person out there.

But don’t worry, Jericho is not even out of the womb and he is already shining… Though the average baby this week would weigh around five and a half pounds, this week he was measured to be 6 pounds and one ounce. (He’s a fatty!) He has five more weeks to grow and most of of his growth over the next month or so will be in weight. Which means his once skinny face now has chubby, plump, and irresistibly squeezable cheeks.

His cheeks are not the only thing that’s plump. (get your mind out of the gutter… I’m talking about his big’ol lips) In this weeks ultra sound –

Photo 1 – Jericho’s profile sticking out his plumpy lips.

Photo 2 – Turn to its side you can see his little cheeky face. (he looks a bit grumpy)


3 Responses to “Week 36”

  1. Katie said

    I love him already! I can’t wait to see those lil chubs of cheeks he’s got!!

  2. ailen said

    Those pics are adorable!

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