Week 37

November 29, 2008


We are now 9 months and Jericho is considered a full term baby. Which means he is good to come out any day now! (Yeepee!) So to prepare for his arrival, JJ and I attended a weekend birthing class.

We woke up Saturday morning and like usual realized we overslept.(Yikes!) We panicked, brushed our teeth, got dressed, grabbed two pillows and headed to our class. We arrived to the waiting room of our obgyn, where the class was taking place. As we tried to sneak in, the instructor spotted us and kindly welcomed us to take a seat.

Looking around the room we could see everyone arranged in a half circle facing the instructor. The instructor or doula had an array of props, displays and videos. She introduced herself to us and the other five couples in the room. She then asked each couple to introduce themselves, mention their due date, if their expecting a boy or girl and what they have enjoyed most about their pregnancy. I got a bit nervous about what I would say as each couple shared their information with the class.

It was now our turn. I blankly stared at JJ and he quickly began to speak. I was relieved. He shared with them our due date(December 2), introduced me and Jericho, and finally shared his biggest joy of our pregnancy. He mentioned two of his joys: 1. The happiness and relief he felt when he found out we were pregnant, since there was many doubts if that could happen and 2. becoming a father to our baby boy. (It may be all the pregnancy hormones but I had tears in my eyes.)

After everyone finished introducing themselves the doula went on to explain the course. The first day consisted of breathing and relaxation techniques, pain management, birth exercises, and signs of labor and the stages. I enjoyed the relaxation techniques… and most of all practicing them. It involved no work from me, and a lot from JJ. He massaged my back, foot, and hands while coaching my breathing or combining it with some birth exercises. It was really relaxing. Too soon it was over and we moved on to pain management.

The doula introduced pain management by handing us ice, asked us to hold it tightly, and for a minute distract ourselves and not focus on the pain. At first this was somewhat difficult but after a few seconds I was able to ignore the feeling and remove myself from the pain sensation in my hand. I actually think this is a skill I have perfected since I was young. Many times as a child, I would daze into my own world with no sense of reality or time.(who am I kidding… I still do that) This skill was also very useful at the end of the class when we studied the signs of labor and the stages. Which I will not discuss. (Just imagine me sitting with eyes and legs tightly closed… I’m in my happy place.)

Day 2 – It was Sunday morning and once again we panicked, brushed our teeth, got dressed, grabbed two pillows and arrived to day two of our birthing class. Just as we stepped in we got ready for our tour of the facilities. It was great to see the place in which Jericho will be born. The rooms are for one patient only and are fairly large, so we can have the medical staff and up to three family members during labor. Each room has its own bathroom with shower, birthing ball and bar, a nice view, and a crazy adjustable bed. The bed completely transforms for whatever position a mother may want to give birth in.(which I just found out are several) It really helped in visualizing Jericho’s birth and how that day may go.

We soon returned to the classroom were we discussed pain medications, birth procedures, breast feeding and finally some “going into labor” role playing. Role playing was very humorous. Just imagine me pretending to give birth and yelling out to JJ… “You did this to me…”… “I hate you”… “You try squeezing a watermelon out your….” Just kidding!

At the end of the class JJ and I received certificates of completion and the confidence we needed to deliver Jericho. Though the class was very educational for the two of us, I feel that JJ really came out of there knowing better what to expect and how he may need to deal with my mood swings and pain. I know he is going to be a great coach. He has already been a great daddy-to-be and husband!

This week Jericho is now a little over six pounds in weight and should measure slightly more than 20 inches in length. He sleeps a lot to store up all the energy needed for delivery and is getting ready for life on the outside.


One Response to “Week 37”

  1. babybowers1 said

    Hi Jenny, JJ, and Jericho,

    Its Ben B here. Good for you guys to go to that class. We did one and your right, it was a lot more work for the dad rather than the mom. You guys are gonna do great! We can’t wait to hear how it goes. Good Luck and God Bless

    Ben, Kristi, and Harper

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