Week 40 – Due Date

May 29, 2009

From the beginning when they told me Jericho’s due date, December 2, I imagined I would deliver early. In fact, I pictured a dramatic scene similar to the movies…

JJ and I would be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family about to cut the turkey when suddenly…. I cut the cheese… no… I mean… my water breaks! Everyone frantically jumps up from their seats and we head to the hospital. We then cut into some crazy driving scene with turkey flying everywhere,  in which I never make it and some how give birth in a taxi cab.

Ok! So maybe I have seen to many movies! Instead imagine the boring reality of what really happened and my disappointment when I had to return to work on Jericho’s due date still pregnant. It was the longest day of my life.

On top of that I cannot seem to keep my phone from ringing. And the question everyone is calling to ask is: “Did you have the baby yet?” or “You’re still pregnant?”

News Flash – If I was in labor or had Jericho, would I be on the phone talking nonchalantly to you right now?

I don’t think people realize how torturous it is to have to answer the same obvious question multiple times when your as anxious as I am right now. I know everyone has good intentions and is just as excited as JJ and I. So at this point I am willing to do anything to get labor going.

Here are some birth inducing methods or old wives tales that have been passed down to generations.

Vacuuming. Supposedly cleaning or nesting is a sign the baby is coming soon. Many women claim vacuuming was what induced labor for them. So watch out! I will run you over with my vacuum if I have to!

Pineapple juice. Women have claimed eating pineapple juice induces labor. I say “Why eat it when you can drink it?” It should digest faster as juice and work better and faster… right? I’ve had about 6 glasses and several bathroom visits today!

Make Plans. Some women vow they didn’t feel a thing until they had to attend an important event. I have no important events to attend… but i can pretend…  JJ and I decided to go out for one last dinner together and I’m trying to act like I don’t want the baby to interrupt… so maybe that will trick the lil’stinker. Pairra Suiza here we come! yum!

Walking. I have lapped miles around every mall, supermarket, neighborhood… you name it… I feel like my feet are more likely to give birth at this point.

Sex. No comment.

Nipple stimulation. I guess this can release your own natural oxytocin and bring on contractions. It can also lead to painfully long and strong uterine contractions. So I think I’ll pass.

Castor Oil. This is based on the theroy that a strong laxative will stimulate not only your bowels but your uterus into contrating. Since I do not want to poop my pants I decided to pass. It didnt sound like a beautiful way to start labor.

Herbal tea. It is thought that raspberry leaf tea can bring on labor. However since no studies have been done to establish the safety of any herbal treatments I decided to go for the next best thing… I ate several raspberries.

Unfortunately, as far as medical science is concerned there is no proof that any of these actually will bring on labor. So unless Jericho pops out tonight…  I will just have to keep on waiting with my pineapple juice in one hand and raspberries in the other!

This week Jericho probably weighs anywhere from six to nine pounds and measures between 19 and 22 inches. Come out already! ARGH!


Week 39

May 29, 2009

A Prayer of Thanksgiving for a Newborn Child

God our Father, you bestow your greatest blessing on us when you call upon us to take part in the miracle of bringing new life into the world. You fill us with wonder as we watch this life grow from its very beginning. And you teach us to love as we love this child whom you entrust to our care. We give you thanks for this gift of life, and as we cherish this gift we ask you to encircle us always with your fatherly love. Amen

Happy Thanksgiving!

Week 38

May 29, 2009

Only two more weeks! (Hopefully!)

Months ago when I announced I was pregnant, I was asked if I was fighting the urge to nest. This question often offended me being that nesting is what birds do… and although I may sometimes stand tall on one leg (like a flamingo)… I am no bird. So I would kindly inform them I did not believe in the whole “nesting instinct”. I felt you naturally get ready for a baby in the same way you prepare to receive a guest, or go on a trip, or start the first day of class. You know the day is coming so you do everything you need to be prepared for it.

Then suddenly, it kicked in – that same “nesting instinct” I denied so strongly. I soon learned nesting is not just getting ready for the baby to arrive, it is a compulsive urge to clean, organize, and basically exhaust yourself to the point of giving birth.

So instead of releasing this impulse on organizing the baby’s room, I have spent it doing things around the house. So far this week I have cleaned and organized the garage, finished painting the backyard, scrubbed the kitchen, vacuumed everything and organized every drawer, cabinet and closet.

So why is my home sparkling clean while the baby’s room continues disorganized? Well, I cannot seem to decide what to do without knowing how and where the crib will go. Maybe it is my current compulsiveness but I cannot start anything until I have the crib. When it does arrive, expect I will have his room setup and ready for Jericho’s arrival.

So what have I learned from this “nesting” experience? Well… It can be very time consuming trying to organize the pantry in alphabetical order and I would not recommend it! Hey I am only human… (with a hint of bird!… i guess!)

This week Jericho should weigh approximately seven pounds and 21-inches in height. He continues to shed off the vernix and lanugo. His lungs also continue to grow and mature. All systems are ready to go or should I say ready to enter the his nest!