Week 38

May 29, 2009

Only two more weeks! (Hopefully!)

Months ago when I announced I was pregnant, I was asked if I was fighting the urge to nest. This question often offended me being that nesting is what birds do… and although I may sometimes stand tall on one leg (like a flamingo)… I am no bird. So I would kindly inform them I did not believe in the whole “nesting instinct”. I felt you naturally get ready for a baby in the same way you prepare to receive a guest, or go on a trip, or start the first day of class. You know the day is coming so you do everything you need to be prepared for it.

Then suddenly, it kicked in – that same “nesting instinct” I denied so strongly. I soon learned nesting is not just getting ready for the baby to arrive, it is a compulsive urge to clean, organize, and basically exhaust yourself to the point of giving birth.

So instead of releasing this impulse on organizing the baby’s room, I have spent it doing things around the house. So far this week I have cleaned and organized the garage, finished painting the backyard, scrubbed the kitchen, vacuumed everything and organized every drawer, cabinet and closet.

So why is my home sparkling clean while the baby’s room continues disorganized? Well, I cannot seem to decide what to do without knowing how and where the crib will go. Maybe it is my current compulsiveness but I cannot start anything until I have the crib. When it does arrive, expect I will have his room setup and ready for Jericho’s arrival.

So what have I learned from this “nesting” experience? Well… It can be very time consuming trying to organize the pantry in alphabetical order and I would not recommend it! Hey I am only human… (with a hint of bird!… i guess!)

This week Jericho should weigh approximately seven pounds and 21-inches in height. He continues to shed off the vernix and lanugo. His lungs also continue to grow and mature. All systems are ready to go or should I say ready to enter the his nest!


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