Week 40 – December 4

June 4, 2009

I came into my 40 week doctor’s appointment with a desperate need to know that I was going to go into labor soon but I was returned home with more than I bargained for.

As quickly as the doctor stepped into the room I hopelessly shouted “Is the baby on his way!?!?”

The doctor gave me a big smile and replied “Let’s take a look!”

As she removed her gloves she indicated that nothing had changed. Argh! I became overwhelmed with anxiety but regained hope as she reached for the ultra sound. We were watching my lil’boy on the screen when suddenly the doctor stopped, mumbled to herself and took a couple photos with the ultra sound. “I’ll be right back” she said as she rushed out of the room carrying the photos. My anxiety turned into panic.

“Now there is no urgent need for concern!” the doctor explained as she returned to the room. The placenta in which Jericho was protected in was starting to calcify. The placenta provides him with the nourishment and padding he needs to survive. It links my blood supply with his, transferring oxygen, nutrients, and anything that enters my bloodstream directly to him. It also works in reverse, removing waste and in helping protect him from infections and harmful substances. Once a baby has passed his due date the placenta ages and begins to calcify hence putting the baby in a dangerous environment.

I held my tears back as the doctor placed us in the observation room. I laid on one of many small hospital beds with curtains draped around us for privacy. JJ sat to my right tightly holding my hand. The nurse walked in and began to strap sensors onto my belly. Immediately we could hear Jericho’s heartbeat and see its rhythmic patterns on the screen in front of us. JJ and I stared silently at the screen. Minutes passed but it felt like hours. Was my baby OK?

Finally the nurse walked in and explained that even though the placenta was calcifying the baby appeared to be under no immediate danger! I cried in relief! My baby was doing good!

The nurse stayed and talked to us cheerfully when unexpectedly the monitor caught her eye. She looked at me and asked “Did you feel that?”

I replied “What?”

“You’re having a contraction!” she said smiling.

“I AM!!!” I shouted in disbelief.

Sure enough I looked at the monitor and I could see it. I was ecstatic. The nurse soon removed the devices and sent us home with the confidence that Jericho was on the way SOON!


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