Week 23

August 11, 2008

This week marks the beginning of some serious weight gain for the baby and I. Lil JJ is approximately eight inches long and slightly over a pound. His weight in the next four weeks should double, and soon I will feel like mine has too!

Despite the occasional jokes I make about turning into a fat cow, I’m actually comfortable with the weight gain coming up in the next 3 months. All my life I have been under weight and have felt that despite what I ate I never gained anything. I’m now eating a lot healthier. I go for the baby carrots instead of Doritos, milk instead of ice tea, an apple instead of a can of spam covered with mayonnaise… OK…. I may have exaggerated that last one. My point being, I’ve been keeping in mind the major food groups and getting the recommended extra calories needed for the baby and I. Hopefully, when the baby is born, I will keep a similar healthy diet and keep some of the healthy weight I need to finally be average weight. 

As for lil’JJ, we hope that by the time he is born, he will be pleasantly plump and filled out — from chubby cheeks to chubby toes.


Week 22

August 5, 2008

Everyone has their own Old Wives Tales or Non-Scientific Prediction Method on how to tell if your expecting a boy or girl. I started thinking of OWTs this week when someone tried to guess what I was having using their own. They looked at my belly and mentioned it was sticking out like a lil’baby girl. I giggled, (like a lil’girl) and said nope its a BOY! I think if not for my ultrasound and Jericho’s moon & doodle shot, I would be convinced I was having a girl from hearing everyones predictions. So for some more giggles… JJ and I decided to print and test some OWTs found online. We conducted 10 tests and these are the results…

Theory – If the mom’s left breast is bigger than the right breast during pregnancy, she’s having a girl; if the right breast is bigger, she’s having a boy.

Results – My left breast is slightly larger than my right. Therefor it would be a girl. We thought the flaw in this method may have been in not examining the fathers breast. So without hesitation I examined JJ’s chest. His left breast was slightly bigger (and hairier) than his right. Also concluding our baby’s sex as female. Boy 0 Girl 1

Theory – Have the mother-to-be pick up a single key. If she picks it up by the round part it will be a boy . If she picks up the long narrow part it will be a girl.

Results – Having no clue what JJ was looking for, I picked up the key by the narrow part. Score: Boy 0 Girl 2

Theory – Ask the mother-to be to pick a number, then match the number to the corresponding alphabet letter, eg: A=1, B=2, C=3 etc, then ask her to pick a name starting with that letter. If the name she picks is a girls name, it will be a girl, boy name, boy.

Results – I picked 24. 24=Y. The only name I could come up with at that moment was Yoda. Boy 1 Girl 2

Theory – The Mayans determined the sex of the baby by taking the mother’s age at conception, and the year of conception. If both are even or odd… its a girl. If one is even and one odd its a boy.

Results – I was 24 when I conceived and the year was 2008. Both are even. Boy 1 Girl 3

Theory – If the mother-to-be’s legs resemble tree trunks, its a boy. If they are trim and fit, it’s a girl.

Results – Well… one leg is trim and somewhat fit and the other we can staple some leaves to it and tada… a tree. We voted for trim and fit… Boy 1 Girl 4

Theory – If you can’t tell you’re pregnant from the back it must be a boy; with a girl you’ll be pregnant all over!

Results – JJ claims I don’t look pregnant from the back… (he’s so sweet) Boy 2 Girl 4

Theory – It’s a boy, if you crave salty foods. A girl if you crave desserts.

Results – I always crave salty and spicy food, in fact, that sounds good right now. Boy 3 Girl 4

Theory – Ancient Chinese Gender Chart Calendar. see chart

Results – Tied up at Boy 4 Girl 4

Theory – If you have terrible acne break outs on your face its a girl. Clear skin its a boy.

Results – I guess the hormones of a lil’girl should cause break outs. So what does the lil’boys testosterone do? Give me a mustache? I have neither… I hope! Boy 5 Girl 4

Theory – If you carry low its a boy. High its a girl.

Results – The final test… my belly hangs low. Boy 6 Girl 4

BOYS WIN! There are many other Old Wives Tales out there. Feel free to share any you know with us. However, just know we may not want to do it, for example I will not be eating a whole clove of garlic, peeing on drain-o, or anything else hazardous or repulsive. But if you got one to share please do, it may make us smile just like this one below, it is my all time fav so far…

From Debbie… After a week camping with my 76 year old grandmother she told me she knew I was going to have a girl for this reason: when a woman is pregnant with a girl she will be crabby (to put it nicely) because all women are crabs and if you have one inside you are twice so. If you are pregnant with a boy you are happy and smiling because you have a little peter inside you for 9 months (her exact words)!

Week 21

July 29, 2008

Our baby is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! This week Jericho is the size of a banana! Seven inches in length and almost 11 ounces in weight. He still has a great deal of room in my belly and plenty of space for twisting, turning and somersaulting. Which JJ & I got to experience live at our ultra sound.

We had our second ultrasound on Thursday. We arrived to the hospital that afternoon and after a little wait we were placed in a dark room with the ultrasound technician. There I laid on the awkward patient bed with the technician and monitor at my left and JJ enthusiastically at my right. She lifted my shirt and squirted tons of gel on my belly, similar to the way my niece pours ketchup on her hotdog, messy and without warning. She placed the cold doppler on my belly and we could immediately see Jericho. As the technician was measuring Jericho, he kicked towards the doppler and turned away from her. Not even out of the womb and he’s already misbehaving. Jericho soon got comfortable and the tech was able to confirm that he is developing perfectly. She wiped the gue from my belly, missing the pool in my belly button. I walked out of our appointment with a wet stain on my shirt were the gel dripped out of my belly button and the great photos you see here. Definitely worth the the gooey discomfort.

Photo 1 – Showing his moon and doodle to the world. No doubt its a boy!

Photo 2 – His perfect bohemian feet.

Photo 3 – His tiny lil’ hand

Photo 4 & 5 – His Profile

Week 20

July 22, 2008

This week is our half way point!!! We have 20 weeks past and 20 more to go. To celebrate we had our doctors appointment. It was a very interesting visit. We finally got to meet our two main doctors. One is a male and the other a female.

Our male doctor came straight out of an episode of “Scrubs”. He entered the room and instantly complemented JJ on a wise choice for a mating partner. (Earned him major pts from me) Then turned to me and said that I should have picked someone with a smaller head, because you know what that means when giving birth. This visit was more like a night at “Laughs Comedy Club” and less like what you expect from the man who will be delivering your baby. JJ instantly disliked him, however Im still willing to give him a chance seeing that he is one of the most experenced high risk doctors in Tucson. Plus we also have our second doctor.

Our female doctor entered the room, introduced herself and was very relaxed and casual as she answered all of our questions. In return she asked how everything was going and took the time to get to know us.

The one thing that really stood out to JJ and I, was something she mentioned when she first came in. She quickly admitted she had never worked with a survivor of osteosarcoma. In fact, she asked if we had assistance in getting pregnant. Of course we said there was no assistance and that the baby was a lil’surprise. She looked amazed and said that there is not many osteosarcoma/cancer survivors that do get pregnant without assistance.

We didn’t think much about it while we were there but we now realized our little miracle is in fact a little miracle and we thank God everyday for this blessing.

Week 19

July 11, 2008

researched & created by Aunti Kristi

I would like to say that after MANY, MANY hours of thinking we have finally decided on a name for our new baby boy… but really J.J. and I have always had his name in mind. So we came to a decision immediately after realizing it was a boy. Its a bit uncommon and may take a while to grow on you but we really like it. It means city of moon gods, its the name of a town in Israel, mentioned several times in the Old Testament, and please don’t call him Jeri. Do you know what it is?

Our baby’s name will be Jericho Joseph Wendt (or J.J. Jr for short)

The J syndrome – If you’re familiar with my family, you know we like J names. My dad Jesus, 3 sisters Judy, Jessica, Julieta, a nephew Jaden and a niece Jenica. I promise we are not starting some weird J tradition. In fact, Jericho’s middle name “Joseph” has more tradition or meaning.

Joseph Tradition – As you can see in J.J.s family tree, he comes from a long “branch” of Josephs. The first (that we know of), Joseph Hrushka, can be dated around the mid 1800s. Originally from the Czech Republic.

That’s right!! Our baby will be 1/2 Mexican, 1/4 Czech, and 1/4 mutt (from his daddy). This is were I would usually put a Mexican/Czech joke (A Mexican/Czech walks into a bar….) but I’m fresh out. We hope lil J.J. will be educated and enriched by his heritage but for now just growing strong.

This Week – Jericho’s arms and legs are finally in proportion, neurons are now connected between the brain and muscles, and cartilage throughout the body is turning to bone. All these upgrades combine to give him more control over limb movements. Which explains all that kicking and stretching that I’m feeling. He’s a lil’ ninja.

Week 18

July 1, 2008

According to our ultrasound this is Week 18.

This week our baby is about five and a half inches long and weighs 6 ounces. (the weight of that boneless chicken breast you’re making for dinner) 1 ounce over the average weight. Can you believe that! As skinny as I am my baby is keeping his weight up. He must like his Abby’s (my mom’s) cooking.

My weight seems to be going up slowly. As most of you may imagine I’m still skinny jenny but add on the lil belly. Everyday I discover a shirt or pants that don’t fit right, some already were tight anyways. I’m eating 3 full meals a day, lots of snacks, lots and lots of water and a Maternity pill a day. I’ve weighed under 100lbs for about… well, my whole life. So it will be crazy when I weigh 140 lbs. If you can image that! (40 weeks pregnancy = a lb a week)

Whats really exciting and a little weird to get used to is the babie’s movement. He’s twisting, kicking, punching, and hiccuping in my belly. Its so light throughout the day and very active at night and very early morning. Its a surreal thing to have a little person moving in your belly. The movement makes it so real and so exciting.

I can’t wait to meet the lil’ boy who has already been full of surprises and who has put such a big smile on our (mommy and daddy) faces.

Welcome Baby!

June 26, 2008

As some of you may have heard JJ and I are going to be joined by a baby boy!

The doctors say that he should be here the first week of December.

You can follow the baby, JJ, and myself for all the updates via twitter at www.twitter.com/jwendt or www.twitter.com/jenny_o_wendt and on this blog https://jennywendt.wordpress.com

Visit our twitter accounts and add your phone as a device and you’ll get text message updates straight to your phone. Otherwise check out our webpage for updates.

I hope everyone is doing well!

jenny, jj and baby wendt